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Commission Meetings

The Commission Board shall meet at least once every month by the call of the Chairman or a majority of its members. Regular meeting of the Commission Board may be held upon such notice, or without notice, and at a such time and place as shall from time to time be fixed by the Commission Board, no notice of such regular meetings shall be necessary. Special meetings of the Gaming Commission may be called by the Chairman or any two Commissioners of the Gaming Commission.  The Chairman or Vice-Chair shall fix the time and place of the special meeting and provide written notice of the meeting to all Commissioners. Neither the business to be transacted at, nor the purposes of, any regular or special meeting of the Gaming Commission need to be specified in the notice of the meeting.

Summary Action and Hearings

If the Commission deems it necessary to protect the public interest in the integrity of the Gaming activities, and is otherwise authorized under this Code, the Commission may take such action with immediate effect as it deems required and shall thereupon provide notice and an opportunity to be heard to the affected Licensee as soon as is reasonably practicable following such action. Any Licensee who is denied a renewal of a Gaming License or who is barred from the Gaming establishment by action of the Commission may request a hearing before the Commission Board by written request submitted within thirty (30) days following receipt of notice of the action of the Commission. The Commission Board shall thereupon afford an opportunity to appear and be heard either in person or through a representative or legal counsel, and to submit such evidence as the Commission Board deems relevant to the matter at issue. The Commission Board shall either affirm or reconsider its decision. The Commission Board may direct the Director or one or more members of the Commission designated by the Commission Board to conduct any hearings.  Any Person denied a gaming license upon initial application does not have a right to a hearing. 

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